Dr. Webb  specializes in consultation with and assessment of people with complex neurobehavioral problems. She is double-boarded, examined in both child and adult neuropsychology. She was formerly licensed as a family therapist before returning to complete her doctorate. She is licensed as a Clinical Psychologist in several states and as a Medical “prescribing” Psychologist with Advanced Practice in Louisiana.

Dr. Webb has published over 35 book chapters, articles and encyclopedia entries. She is a coauthor of Misdiagnosis and Dual Diagnosis of Gifted Children and Adults. She taught for 24 years, including running a neuropsychology postdoctoral program at the Children’s Hospital of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. She retired from teaching as a Professor from the Chicago School of Professional Psychology, but continues to teach, publish and collaborate in "bench to bedside" research. Additionally, Dr. Webb serves the courts by explaining neuroscience concepts in straightforward language.

She served as the Executive Director of the American Board of Pediatric Neuropsychology for seven years and continues to serve as a Board Examiner. She currently volunteers as the Executive Director for the Institute for Social and Applied Neuroscience and is completing a nonfiction writing fellowship at the Attic Institute.

 Her awards include a Lifetime Achievement Award from Rutgers University, the Heiser Award for volunteer service to the profession of psychology, the Governor’s Award for Excellence from Governor Jane Hull of Arizona. She also served as a Cabinet Advisor for a past President of the American Psychological Association.